My cookbook is an effort to open doors, build bridges and deepen relationships through the “art” of fusion food. It melds my authentic Pakistani heritage with a celebration of American diversity.

The author, Shaziah Zuberi, contributed blogs to The Express Tribune, Dawn Images, The Friday Times and Daily Times. She also contributed to a cookbook authored by Shanaz Ramzi titled Food Prints.

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About The Book

A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion reflects where I grew up and what I learned while watching my mother’s cooking. I imbibed her recipes like a child learns a mother-tongue through the precious time I spent with her in the kitchen. She always encouraged me to experiment with and innovate recipes through the power of imagination. She wanted me to be creative and take positive risks while growing up – for example, when I was in my late teens, she encouraged me to play the leading role in the PTV drama, Sassi Punnu, which was directed by the famous Urdu novelist and playwright, Fatima Surayya Bajia.

My mother wanted me to be fearless and adventurous in all aspects of life, including working in the kitchen. She taught me the invaluable lesson of learning to trust my instincts, being patient and practicing my cooking skills with a sense of joy. She believed that a great meal was always prepared by the cook using both heart and mind. Those fond and cherished memories developed my confidence and my critical thinking and provided me a springboard to bring this project to life.

My book is an effort to bring people from different backgrounds together, to tell my story, narrate my experience and communicate about my heritage in a meaningful way. This first book of mine, focusing on Pakistani-themed fusion food, represents a cherished and irreplaceable bond for me with my past. I want to affirm and share this aspect of myself in a manner where I can meld my past and present. Indeed, I want to affirm my identity while contributing to this rich and diverse society that I now call home. This book is nothing short of the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

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Book Reviews

I am looking forward to Shaziah Zuberi’s forthcoming book, A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion, having followed her imaginative recipes and interesting narratives to accompany them on her blog. More needs to be known about Pakistan’s culinary tradition and diversity, as well as how its rich ‘foodie culture’ can be ‘fused’ with that of other countries thus ensuring it has a wider appeal. Shaziah is perfectly placed to contribute to this, and I wish her all the luck on this journey to present Pakistan’s rich culinary fare to an international audience.

Maleeha Lodhi

Maleeha Lodhi is a Pakistani diplomat, military strategist, and political scientist, as well as Pakistan’s former Representative to the United Nations.

Growing up with one identity and living in another culture can confuse families.  Shaziah’s “fusion” of life in recipes underscores what American society and culture was always famous for – being the world’s melting pot! Cross-culture challenges can be daunting – and Shaziah has caught “daunting” by its neck and made good use of showing how you can continue to respect your original roots and yet enjoy your life (errr… food!) in a new world.  Putting together the best of multi-worlds’ cuisine in your stomach, and a good night’s sleep (ahhh, the life!), I’m looking forward to cooking and eating Shaziah’s recipes.

Dinshaw B. Avari

Dinshaw Avari is a renowned hotelier, and an expert on the hospitality industry in Pakistan.

It is with the greatest joy that I have been following Shaziah’s progress from the time she was a young girl, introduced to me by a mutual friend who was keen that I keep her occupied with some intellectually taxing assignments. At that time, I was doing research for my book, Food Prints, a reference book on the varied cuisine of Pakistan. I asked her to help with my research work, and sent her to interview various people who were an authority of sorts on the cuisine of their region or community. I would like to think that this project triggered her latent interest in food and cooking, and led her to embark on her later journey of writing food-related blogs and articles, eventually leading to this book, undoubtedly a labor of love. I am looking forward to trying out her fusion recipes and I am sure that speckled with her signature enthusiasm, creativity, and passion, they will be a treat in every sense of the word.

Shanaz Ramzi

Shanaz Ramzi has been working as a freelance journalist since 1994. A prolific writer, she has authored a best-selling book, Food Prints. Ramzi has been twice nominated for a Gender in Journalism Award by UNESCO. Since November 2015, Ramzi has launched Starlinks, a PR and event management company with a strong CSR component.

Shaziah deftly blends the heritage of Pakistan and the cultural nuances of many other lands to create memorable, meaningful dishes. It’s her intention that the flavors come together to create precisely what the world needs right now: more togetherness, more blending, more delectable experiences. A great addition to all kitchens and cookbook collections.

Umber Ahmad

Founder, Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, New York City & Washington DC



Cooking will never be a tedious task if it is planned properly, if you are patient and if you practice the art with a sense of imagination and sound judgement. It is a unique expression of culture and families who dine together enjoy a stronger bond and tend to be happier and healthier.

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Shaziah with Senator Van Hollen

Shaziah Zuberi with Senator Van Hollen

A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion
Shaziah Zuberi

A widely read food blogger, the author inherited her love for cooking from her mother. Her blogs, however, acquired a new dimension when, after her marriage, she moved out of Pakistan.

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Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’

A beautifully photographed book, A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion, authored by food blogger Shaziah Zuberi was launched in Pakistan today. The book carries unique original fusion recipes with a Pakistani theme. It is an effort to open doors, build bridges, and deepen relationships between Pakistan and the outside world through the “art” of fusion food. It melds the author’s authentic Pakistani heritage with a celebration of global diversity. 

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A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion by Shaziah Zuberi

Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches her first title ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’

‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’ launched

Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches her first title ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’

A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion

Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches her first recipe book A Tste of Pakistan in Fusion

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Food blogger Shaziah Zuberi launches her first title ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’

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Food blogger Shaziah launches first title ‘A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion’

A Taste of Pakistan in Fusion