About Shaziah Zuberi

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, our day provides us with numerous opportunities to be happy. Everything counts; we need to enjoy our life to the fullest and celebrate all the small and large moments that define our day.

My life is a roller coaster; sometimes it’s hard to find balance. From helping my kids with their homework, to doing the grocery shopping, to cooking and cleaning, my life is a whirlwind of activity. These daily household chores notwithstanding, I love to read books, exercise, cook food, socialize, travel, and take an active interest in everything that inspire me. I really strive to live the healthiest, creative, and happiest life possible.

I’m very involved in my twins’ lives. I enjoy spending time around them as this give me so much pleasure. I am biased towards an active parenting approach – I am the one who listens, laughs, talks, draws, and experiences the simple pleasures with my children. As a result, I can share the confidence and joy that they experience whenever they master a new skill.

While doing so, I would love to live my life in an authentic, fulfilling manner based on my deep personal interests. Sometime my busy schedule does not allow me to pursue these passions to the extent I would like to. Instead of making excuses about my busy routine, I am always seeking some quiet time that allows me to disconnect. During this time, I like to engage in creative pursuits.

My cookbook project is one such massive project that has provided me a lot of solace and therapy. However, this endeavor was not easy for me. I started my cookbook project because I trusted my culinary skills. I do not have an advanced degree in my craft. I have not participated in any award-winning culinary competitions. All I know is that I was working on my craft every day on my own even without formal training, but with steady discipline, imagination, and love. I would like to say about myself that I was the “inspirational creator”. I believe that creativity comes with the territory of curiosity and passion. Maybe we ought to try to push ourselves harder to explore more bravely. The sooner and more passionately we get married to an inspiring idea that comes to our mind, the more better off we are for it. I am happy that I have accomplished this as it has provided me joy, purpose, and deep meaning.